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​So you remember Valentine’s day

When you were in Elementary school?

Sitting with your box of cards

Thinking everything was cool?
Giving each class member one

Wondering if you got them right.

“Be My Valentine” was used to much

In each card you would handwrite.
But there was always that one

Special card you wrote.

That you have to that one person

With a special secret note.
Well, my note this year

Is to you, my wife.

Please “Be My Valentine”

For the rest of my life?
You make my heart flutter

Skip a beat, or two.

Everytime you look my way

And a smile I get from you.
Or the glint in your eye

As you look at me.

I still look look away

And act all bashfully.
Because I feel like I’m back

In elementary school day.

My tongue gets tied, and I stutter

Whenever I try and say.
I love you so much

And want to tell you so.

How my love for you

Each day, it does grow.
You are My Valentine

And this I am sure.

Our love will grow strong

And through all will endure.
Iove you Sandra!

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