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When I walked out of the house this morning, there was an eerie haze all around.  

I tried to get a good picture, but could not. Although it was all around me it wouldn’t show up in any of the pictures that I tried to take.

In the pictures it just appeared to be off in the distance, but it was surrounding me.

Was hoping that the couple lakes that I pass on the way to work would be good picture subject, but they were not.

I did take a couple pictures with my normal camera, I will look at those later this evening and see if they are any better. Maybe I got a couple of good ones and can update.

Have you ever just woke up
and felt the light of life?
Have you ever been so happy
to have that special wife?

I feel it each and every day
whenever I wake and go to sleep.
I am so happy that Sandra
has decided me to keep!

She makes me happy,
she makes me smile!
She does everything with ease,
and always with style.

No matter if it’s painting art,
or caring for someone she loves.
She puts everything she has
into everything she does.

She does not ask for anything
in return or expects.
She does what is needed,
then moves on to the next.

She is the strength, the bond,
the backbone in my life.
She stands strong and solid,
through every little strife.

But there is something I know
about my beautiful girl.
She is the love of my life
the greatest find, my pearl.

So when you look at her
and see her there next to me.
Know that I am aware of everything
and know things you cannot see.

You make us a couple.
You are wonderful, lovely, and smart.
Two people as one, blended, together,
You are forever in my heart.

I love you Sandra Trumpfheller!

This blog post is coming to you from pure boredom on my part. I am currently stuck in the iced over Central North Carolina.  It started raining last night, and has since frozen, and now we are getting sleet.  Even though I am am not going anywhere just yet (I would like to go see my friend in the hospital, he was in a bad car wreck the other day), but I am going to wait until the roads are safer.  Just like I would any other day, I started my truck this morning, and let it warm up for a bit, and allow enough time for the windshield to defrost.  I turned off the truck and went back inside, But when I went back out, the windshield and windows had frozen over again.  So I started the truck again and let the windows defrost.

Then I went inside and found my old recipes for my window defrost and made one.  I am including 2 here, one is made with normal household vinegar, and the other with alcohol.

Take a spray bottle filled about 1/3 of the way with water, fill the rest of the bottle with Isopropyl Alcohol and shake!  This will de-ice your windows and also keep them from freezing again.  If your doors are frozen shut, just spray along the opening….can also be used to unfreeze your key locks!

The second is 3 parts white vinegar, and 1 part water.

This works just as good to prevent icing, as far as de-icing, it is a little slower than the Alcohol one…..and for a while, your vehicle is going to smell like salt and vinegar chips!!!!!!

Either one is good to use, I  just wanted to offer up some information for those that are either snow or ice bound and needs to get their vehicle defrosted.

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