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The evening darkness comes
the morning was supposed to be bright,
But when the sun was supposed to rise
alone there was no light,

No warmth, no heat
no comfort avail,
Not even a breeze
to fill the sail,

Adrift on the ocean
so large and consuming,
Alone I await
I feel so abondoning,

Was it the darkness
or something different,
That made you gone
in the light you were absent,

All I want
is to be with you,
Like the water
I feel so blue,

When you are gone
and not around,
I try to scream your name
but make no sound,

There is nothing to hear
It is so quiet,
My heart begins to beat
in my mind a riot,

You say its nothing
to worry about,
Yet in my mind
the seed of doubt,

Begins to grow
and tug my thoughts,
Through space and time
I connect the dots,

I do not know
what I said or did,
I cry my eyes out like a little kid.

~~Greg Trumpfheller, January 6, 2013

I look at my phone
with every ring or vibrate;

Hoping that it’s you
when it’s not I deflate;

Like a lone tree
in a wind storm;

I fight the feelings
no need to conform;

Roots grow strong
and hold me in place;

Waiting for the lightning
I prepare and brace;

Your arms around me
is what I wish;

Your company with me
is what I lavish;

The times we have spent together;
Makes my heart float like wind pushing a feather;

With you in my mind I awake from this dream;
Lifted into the sky on a magical moonbeam.

~~Greg Trumpfheller, Dec 6, 2012

Feel the warmth of the morning sun
Crest across your face;

Feel the beats of my heart
Quicken and pick up pace;

Feel my eyes look in your sole
Filling me every desire;

Fell my hands caresse your body
Heat rises from the fire;

Deep within my heart and mind
Feelings for  you all entwined.

The darkness closes in
Like water from all around
It hides everything from me
Taken away, sight and the sound

Instead of looking
I use my heart instead of eyes
I can’t see the outcome
Of everyone’s lies

Instead of hearing
I use my mind, instead of ears
I can’t hear the results
Of those through the years

I open my eyes, ears,
Mind and heart
I use them all to determine
Where to start

The decision is not mine
To live or die
Cause too many people
Upon me do rely

The morning sun
Brings much light
Through the dense fog
Comes back my sight

That is when
Around I see
Those that mean
The most to me

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