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Have you ever just woke up
and felt the light of life?
Have you ever been so happy
to have that special wife?

I feel it each and every day
whenever I wake and go to sleep.
I am so happy that Sandra
has decided me to keep!

She makes me happy,
she makes me smile!
She does everything with ease,
and always with style.

No matter if it’s painting art,
or caring for someone she loves.
She puts everything she has
into everything she does.

She does not ask for anything
in return or expects.
She does what is needed,
then moves on to the next.

She is the strength, the bond,
the backbone in my life.
She stands strong and solid,
through every little strife.

But there is something I know
about my beautiful girl.
She is the love of my life
the greatest find, my pearl.

So when you look at her
and see her there next to me.
Know that I am aware of everything
and know things you cannot see.

You make us a couple.
You are wonderful, lovely, and smart.
Two people as one, blended, together,
You are forever in my heart.

I love you Sandra Trumpfheller!

I wake up every morning,
and look to my side.
And I know that I am happy,
knowing you are my bride.

I work all day long,
with you in my thoughts.
Remembering what you look like,
Mental snapshots.

I get home at night,
and what do I see?
The greatest woman in the world,
waiting to greet me!

I love you dearly,
and always will!
We are writing our story,
Like paper and quill.

Our future is unwritten,
but it looks forever bright.
It’s when I wake up in the morning,
that I know I am doing right!

I love you Sandra!


The morning sun rises,
filters through the window;
I roll over to you,
and my heart beats a new tempo.

Of love and joy and happiness,
Our time together forever;
Makes me smile and proud,
you are my wife, my life endeavor.

The dust floats through the air
with ease, breaking the sun ray;
Just like I feel around you,
floating in devotion today.

And tomorrow as well,
even the day after that;
Staring into your eyes,
without you falling flat.

Our future is unwritten,
shifting like the sand in the tide;
Our story began long before
you were ever my bride.

Our paths took us though
periods of light and dark;
through landscapes vivid,
and landscapes so stark.

Until they crossed one fateful day,
when a man and a woman;
Crashed together to find
Smiles and happiness again.

Sandra, life has it’s happy and sads….
It goes up and it goes down.
But it’s different for both of us
this time around!


Good painting today! I know you will see
What will encourage you, to canvas it will be
Your fingers filled, with skill and motion
The boundaries are endless, a bottomless ocean
To see you create, from nothing to gorgeous
The skills you have, are so glorious
I love what you offer, the world and me
I hope you like what I can offer, what you can see
In our relationship, growing day by day
I LOVE YOU, is what I can say!

You say that I have changed,
that things are not the same.
I stand tall to take the punishment,
to withstand the blame.

I have forgotten what it’s like
to be loved so true.
And I wish that I could express
how much I love you.

Our house has weathered many storms,
and the sailing will not always be smooth.
But within each other’s arms,
We will always know the truth.

That the winds will try,
and blow us off course.
But within each other,
Our love will reinforce.

The feelings and the beliefs,
that what we did is right.
Into the sunrise we ride,
Surviving another night.

The feelings of your hugs,
fill my heart with desires.
Keeping us warm together,
A heart to heart fire.

I have changed and so have you,
I know what is in front of me.
And no matter what you think,
I LOVE what I see.

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