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Sandra and I have decided to place our different mediums up on Artist Rising, a site that allows us to post and sell originals and prints of her art, and of my photos.

Check each of us out:

Greg – Artist Rising

Sandra – Artist Rising

You can also find Sandra’s Art and purchase prints, as well as many other items at the following links:

ArtPal | Buy Art & Sell Artwork Online - Paintings Prints Photography Sculptures Jewelry Crafts



Sandra, Squirt, and I went for a stroll around our new park in Linden (Ground Breaking ceremony article here).  It was nice to walk around the trail, and I was actually surprised to see kids on the playground, teens using the basketball court, a couple joggers on the short trail, a father and couple kids riding bikes, and a family having a picnic in the shelter.  The multi-use field is not ready yet, the sod is having issues due to flooding and what appears to be drainage issues.

There is already damages to the benches, but in the full picture, it was a beautiful day, in a nice park, with my beautiful wife!!



A beautiful weekend in Wilmington with my beautiful wife Sandra!   After a long week,  had to get away. … and no better place than the beach!   Played cards with Jane and john yesterday, then ate 1.5 pounds of crab legs last night at Cape Fear Seafood Market!  Sandra has me hooked on crab legs…   Today brunch at Chops Deli and then some time at the beach!  

I love spending time with my wife!!

Took a quick day trip down to Chattanooga from Franklin and visited the Aquarium!!  Situated on the Tennessee River in downtown Chattanooga, TN, the Tennessee Aquarium is home to 10,000 animals and an IMAX theater where we saw the 3D Feature, Jerusalem.

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