An area for the fam….


This is the house that I lived in from age 4 to 12.  It was a grand house that mom spent hours/days/years striping the woodwork…..every piece of wood that you could think of had 3 or 4 or 5 coats of paint and the final product was a gorgeous interior.  We stripped wall paper, and I remember working on plumbing, electrical, walls….etc….completely rebuilding the entire inside of the house.  There are many stories that we have told, laughing, crying….dad falling through the ceiling….falling out the attic window (not really!)…Chaz and I building our “bobsled run” from the backstep to the carriage house (barn)……Grandpa and dad standing out in the snow cooking hamburgers on the grill while mom makes liver and onions inside (yuck!).

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