An area for the fam….


So before the football game last night (GO BRONCOs!!), I needed to move the mower back into the shed.  So i grab my flashlight and head outside (after spraying bug spray on me) and for some reason, I decide that I want to finish the back yard real quick.  The only thing that I forgot, is the fact that you really can’t see what’s out there…..and I have trees…..and for some reason around here, spiders like to make webs in trees.  Soooooo, as I’m driving I feel this thin thread of sticky stuff across my face…..and then something moving on my head……

I FREAKED….jumped off the moving lawn mower and if you would have seem me, you would have thought I lost my mind and was trying to rip my head off…..LOL.

But the good news is what ever it was got crushed in my spazz session, and I promptly pulled the mower into the shed and went into the house to watch the game……


I think the lesson I learned is NOT TO MOW AT NIGHT….  LOL.

We made it to Gettysburg first day, only 5 hours or so from Mom’s house now…..but we showed up just in time for the finale of the Blue Gray Reenactment, honoring the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  Apparently we were lucky to find a camp spot, but no one would let me make reservations since we were only going to be here one night.  Oh well, maybe we will look around tomorrow before heading out……..

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