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  • Shannon, I was flipping through pictures on facebook and think that is you in the center playing it??

  • There is no's just someone else's computer........

  • OK friends and family!! I know we all shop for gifts, and what a better way to gift than with personalized gifts with art from the famed Sandra Lett, Decorative Artist?? Go to and look at what's available! Shannon bought a cool case for her phone (picture attached) and some other cool things!! Please look and see what you might want to get for someone special in your life!!!

  • So proud of Shannon Trumpfheller and Altitude Percussion Ensemble!! Finished up the year within 4 points of 1st!!!!!! Congrats Altitude Percussion!!!!!

  • Patricia Trumpfheller, You are missed.

  • I would not have expected any other result!!

  • LOL....had a friend send this to me and he was like....."Did I just see what I think I saw?".... If you look quickly at the name, it is quite the name.....Where you going to dinner tonight??

  • Shannon Trumpfheller and Blizzard!!!

  • Work can be such a lovely thing.........whomever decided that we should work 5 days and only have 2 to de-stress should be reanimated and then punished.........

  • Photo bombed by Quest......LOL

  • Who remembers sneaking downstairs and watching Benny Hill after hours just to see women in dressed scantly and thinking this was the life????? Oh Benny Hill, you were "da man" to many 12-14 year old boys!!!

  • So proud of Shannon Trumpfheller on her graduation.... I wish that I could stay in CO longer, but NC calls! Thank you to Shannon Trumpfheller, Sheri, and family for making us feel welcome! Thank you Christopher and Kate for having lunch with us, we hope that we can catch up with you again soon!! We will definitely plan on meeting when you are on the east coast. Good bye Colorado, till we meet again!!

  • JAVA installation in progress...... Thanks Ray!!!!

  • Hey Heather Brinton McDougall...we need these next time we ride with Tammy Hatfield- McPherson and Winchester!!

  • LOL......and I have been guilty of this myself......but what I laugh at is that there was actually a news story/blog explaining wind chill to theses

  • When I ride into the sunset, I want you to be next to me the whole way.

  • Damn, I walked outside and someone Slashed my tires...

  • Lunch....thanks to Sandra Lett Spencer

  • How true......

  • I was going through some pictures and found this one that I have had in a sealed envelop that I did not open. This is one of the last pictures that I have of my Dad, Gordon Charles Trumpfheller.....I miss you dad..... Gordon Charles Trumpfheller, 7 Jan 1934 - 4 Aug 2002

  • Hey Colin Ward, Melanie Ashton Hamilton , even my GPS picked up where Gunner and I backed through the fence....LOL!!!!!

  • Gunner and I on our first ride out!!!!!

  • For all my barn buddies!!!!! LOL

  • Patrick Trumpfheller and Shannon Trumpfheller made enchiladas last I stole some to take to work. Best Lunch Ever!!! thank you guys!!

  • The art of being a gentleman is disappearing, let's bring it back!!

  • Quest says "Hello Everyone!!"

  • Now THIS is what I want!! LOL

  • This is an awesome picture!! MARICOPA, AZ - A Maricopa woman knew she couldn't compete with her neighbor's Christmas lights so she put a creative spin on her own display. ABC15 viewer Kristina Green of Maricopa shared pictures of her holiday light display with us on Monday. She knew she couldn't match her neighbor's elaborate set-up, so she built a "ditto" sign to put up in her own yard. She said it has about 900 lights. It's not 16,000 lights, but it's a start!

  • Beautiful Fall Colors!!

  • Yep...that's right....I said it.....

  • LOL.....this is funny as sh!t!

  • I get this feeling after a short run.....the changes are small in me, but I do feel them when I'm done running....blood pumping, heart pounding....the feeling of life!

  • SO......think Patrick Trumpfheller and I could pull this off for Halloween at Lumber River???? LOL We would need some help with costume stuff.........hmmmmmmm

  • Patrick Trumpfheller and Kodiak; Melanie Ashton Hamilton and Argo Hamilton; Blizzard and I; took a nice ride tonight.....change of pace on the route...Blizzard did awesome!! We did a bunch of work in the arena afterwards working on his pacing...

  • Holy Exit Signs Batman..... To the bat cave Robin!

  • How true????

  • LOL...

  • LOL....Hey Shannon Trumpfheller...does this take ya back??? And we won't say who is in the horse suit, will we Patrick Trumpfheller??

  • Look at that saddle....that's an Australian....right? Just making sure I have the saddle types down right.... 😉

  • LOL.....guess that answer's my question without having to ask....

  • this...

  • Merry Christmas from the Trumpfheller Clan!!!

  • I thought I would share this......we were all worried until this completely put that at bay!

  • Sunset off of back porch!

  • Another picture of 1st Presbyterian Church.

  • Goofing around with PhotoShop......He's not really in a field of grass.....LOL

  • 1st Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville, Organized in 1800. The original building, begun in 1816, rebuilt on same walls after fire of 1831

  • Original Photo by Todd Smith -- Needed to share with you, Giant Springs Park, Great Falls MT.

  • Shannon RMPA at Adams City High School. Commerce City.

  • 1st Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville; Organized in 1800. The original building, begun in 1816, rebuilt on same walls after fire of 1831.

  • As i was looking for my picture to make my profile picture, I came across this one......Miss you and love you dad.

  • I guess their version of free delivery and mine aren't the same..........

  • Sandra -- Any comments? LOL.....I am sooooo guilty of this, and she gets soooooo mad at me.....

  • LOL....maybe that is why I am so tired today.......

7:23, 22 Sep 2017
Sunny, with a high near 87.

7:23, 22 Sep 2017
Sunny, with a high near 87. Calm wind becoming northeast 5 to 7 mph in the morning.

7:23, 22 Sep 2017
Patchy fog. Otherwise, partly cloudy, with a low around 65. Calm wind.

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