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Have you ever just woke up
and felt the light of life?
Have you ever been so happy
to have that special wife?

I feel it each and every day
whenever I wake and go to sleep.
I am so happy that Sandra
has decided me to keep!

She makes me happy,
she makes me smile!
She does everything with ease,
and always with style.

No matter if it’s painting art,
or caring for someone she loves.
She puts everything she has
into everything she does.

She does not ask for anything
in return or expects.
She does what is needed,
then moves on to the next.

She is the strength, the bond,
the backbone in my life.
She stands strong and solid,
through every little strife.

But there is something I know
about my beautiful girl.
She is the love of my life
the greatest find, my pearl.

So when you look at her
and see her there next to me.
Know that I am aware of everything
and know things you cannot see.

You make us a couple.
You are wonderful, lovely, and smart.
Two people as one, blended, together,
You are forever in my heart.

I love you Sandra Trumpfheller!

I wake up every morning,
and look to my side.
And I know that I am happy,
knowing you are my bride.

I work all day long,
with you in my thoughts.
Remembering what you look like,
Mental snapshots.

I get home at night,
and what do I see?
The greatest woman in the world,
waiting to greet me!

I love you dearly,
and always will!
We are writing our story,
Like paper and quill.

Our future is unwritten,
but it looks forever bright.
It’s when I wake up in the morning,
that I know I am doing right!

I love you Sandra!

The evening darkness comes
the morning was supposed to be bright,
But when the sun was supposed to rise
alone there was no light,

No warmth, no heat
no comfort avail,
Not even a breeze
to fill the sail,

Adrift on the ocean
so large and consuming,
Alone I await
I feel so abondoning,

Was it the darkness
or something different,
That made you gone
in the light you were absent,

All I want
is to be with you,
Like the water
I feel so blue,

When you are gone
and not around,
I try to scream your name
but make no sound,

There is nothing to hear
It is so quiet,
My heart begins to beat
in my mind a riot,

You say its nothing
to worry about,
Yet in my mind
the seed of doubt,

Begins to grow
and tug my thoughts,
Through space and time
I connect the dots,

I do not know
what I said or did,
I cry my eyes out like a little kid.

~~Greg Trumpfheller, January 6, 2013

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