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Just wanted to share some pictures of my beautiful wife Sandra!  She is awesome, and whenever I think of her, talk of her, or am with her–I always have a smile and those are the times that mean the most to me.  From sitting on the couch watching TV to horseback riding, to watching her paint, I just love being with her.


The morning sun rises,
filters through the window;
I roll over to you,
and my heart beats a new tempo.

Of love and joy and happiness,
Our time together forever;
Makes me smile and proud,
you are my wife, my life endeavor.

The dust floats through the air
with ease, breaking the sun ray;
Just like I feel around you,
floating in devotion today.

And tomorrow as well,
even the day after that;
Staring into your eyes,
without you falling flat.

Our future is unwritten,
shifting like the sand in the tide;
Our story began long before
you were ever my bride.

Our paths took us though
periods of light and dark;
through landscapes vivid,
and landscapes so stark.

Until they crossed one fateful day,
when a man and a woman;
Crashed together to find
Smiles and happiness again.

Sandra, life has it’s happy and sads….
It goes up and it goes down.
But it’s different for both of us
this time around!


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