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Woke up feeling awesome when I rolled over and saw you….
hated going to work, but it’s something that have to do!!!

But I will see you Friday night, and all through the weekend….
So into the feeling of euphoria I will transcend.

With your arms around my waist, we walk the trail….
I hold my breath afraid to exhale.

For I am scared and fear losing you….
To something else or someone new.

My heart is held within your palm….
Away from you It’s hard to be calm.

At the top of my lungs, I scream and shout….
I stand atop the mountain with my hands out.

Are you there? can you hear? will it be?
I hope that you are the one that truly loves me.

I don’t want to lose you, I wish we could…
Say together we won, together we stood,

Against the storm, so proud and strong….
Together we stand, together we belong.

~Greg Trumpfheller

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