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Sandra and I have decided to place our different mediums up on Artist Rising, a site that allows us to post and sell originals and prints of her art, and of my photos.

Check each of us out:

Greg – Artist Rising

Sandra – Artist Rising

You can also find Sandra’s Art and purchase prints, as well as many other items at the following links:

ArtPal | Buy Art & Sell Artwork Online - Paintings Prints Photography Sculptures Jewelry Crafts



Trailer with cover

Finally got the trailer back from the shop, they had to completely replace the AC unit.  The compressor went bad.  Good thing I have the extended warranty!!  While I was at Camping World, I saw that they had covers on sale, so I decided to grab one and put it on yesterday.  I can tell you for sure, that putting the cover on is not a one person one ladder job!

Well, is just nice to have the AC  fixed, and the trailer back….. Now for a free weekend….. Lol.

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